Many industries across the nation require drug tests. Whether it is a pre-employment drug screening, post accident, or any other necessary testing for your organization, you will want to choose the most comprehensive and trusted provider. NationsCheck is your nationwide drug test provider. Businesses large and small use NationsCheck for all their drug test needs. We offer urine drug testing, alcohol testing, 5, 10, and 15 panel drug tests, and much more. 

We offer all the testing and background information that you require to make a sound decision. This may include paternity tests, credit reporting, tenant screening, and more. We are your premier nationwide background check provider. Contact us for more information regarding our services and how we can assist you.

Types of Drug Testing Laboratory
  • 5 Panel DOT
  • 5 Panel Forensic
  • 5 Panel Hair Test
  • 5 Panel Oral Test
  • 10 Panel Forensic
  • 10 Panel Expanded Opiates
  • 14 Panel Medical Professional

  • Onsite Collections With Laboratory Processing
  • Laboratory Collections

  • DOT - Confirmation By A Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Positive Test Results Confirmation By A Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Methods of Drug Testing
  • Urine Drug Testing
  • Hair Drug Testing
  • Oral Fluid Drug Testing
  • Blood Drug Testing

Methods of Alcohol Testing
  • Breath alcohol
  • Blood
  • Urine EtG Testing valid for up to 80 hours

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