Civil Court Records

Civil Court records include:

General Civil Cases:
  • Cases about contracts, damage to property or personal injury 
Family Cases:
  • Divorce (dissolution of marriage), child support and child custody cases  

Juvenile Cases:
  • Cases about child abuse and neglect (called juvenile dependency). Or, when someone under 18 breaks the law (called juvenile delinquency)

Landlord/Tenant Cases:
  • Cases about renting or leasing a place (called real property). We give you information about "Unlawful Detainer" cases — this means whether or not the tenant can stay on the property    

Small Claims Cases:
  • Civil cases that are worth $5,000 or less. You can’t have a lawyer. The people in the case (called the parties) represent themselves

Probate Cases:
  • Cases about taking care of people and their personal affairs 

Though national in scope, data provided by NationsCheck is compiled from multiple public record data sources. NationsCheck makes no claims to the completeness of its database or that data for all states or jurisdictions is included in its current product offerings.  NationsCheck takes reasonable measures to update these records as available, but as in all public records, we rely on the completeness and accuracy of each state's records.
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