DNA Security Identification For Business

DNA Security Identification for business and private organizations, that require secure and accurate DNA Identification of: 

  • Key personnel DNA 
  • High risk ocupational DNA  
  • Secure work envioronment DNA 
  • Security personnel DNA 

Today we live in an increasingly unpredictable world. Recent events require every business to enhance their security measures. DNA Security Identification must be a part of  your business security enforcement protocal and emergency management plans. 

Confindential DNA Profiles when used as a Biometric or Personal Identifier provide positive identification for individuals who may have access to sensative information, secure work area's or work in high risk environments. 

This Identifier will assist with:
  • Fraud Prevention 
  • Theft of sensative information. 
  • Positive Identification of key personnel

Convienent, secure DNA collection
  • Collections are quick, just a sterile cotton swab rubbed gently inside the mouth.
  • Strict Chain of Custody procedures ensure sample integrity and security
  • Reports are available online via secure server

Confidential DNA Profiles are available usually in two week from receipt of sample results can be transmitted electronically and stored electronically 

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