Saliva Alcohol Testing 

A number of employers have started to implement random alcohol tests as part of their drug and alcohol screening and testing policy.  

When minutes count, saliva alcohol rapid tests offer screening that is rapid, reliable, and right.

Saliva alcohol rapid tests provide on-site screening for alcohol following chain-of-custody protocol. NationsCheck performs saliva alcohol rapid tests at designigated collection labs nationwide. Customers may also choose to perform tests in their own facilities.

  • Saliva alcohol screening with DOT-conforming product
  • We also offer a non-DOT saliva alcohol Rapid Test that detects the presence of alcohol in saliva and provides an approximation of relative blood alcohol concentration
  • Saliva alcohol tests detect the presence of alcohol in the saliva, and are a relatively good approximation of blood alcohol content (BAC)

One standard drink, in an average person, will be detectable for about 24 hours (using the lowest cutoffs of 100ng/ml for EtG and 25ng/ml for EtS), whereas, urine alcohol will disappear following one drink within about 4 – 6 hours. After binge drinking EtG and/or EtS can be detected in urine for several days or more making these better markers for documenting abstinence and detecting binge drinking episodes.

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