Alcohol Testing Urine

Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated urine specimen collections are an important part of employment and workplace screenings. A certified collector will perform DOT urine specimen collections for drug and alcohol testing, return-to-duty testing, and more.

One standard drink, in an average person, will be detectable for about 24 hours (using the lowest cutoffs of 100ng/ml for EtG and 25ng/ml for EtS), whereas, urine alcohol will disappear following one drink within about 4 – 6 hours. After binge drinking EtG and/or EtS can be detected in urine for several days or more making these better markers for documenting abstinence and detecting binge drinking episodes.
  • Detects alcohol for up to 80 hours after consumption
  • Ideal for monitoring abstinence from alcohol
  • Can detect as little as one drink

How does it work?

The Test subject provides a urine specimen to a collector then the chain of custody form and specimen are shipped to the lab. The laboratory analyzes the specimen using liquid chromatography/mass spectronomy (LC/MS), a sensitive and specific laboratory technique that can conclusively identify the presence of the EtG metabolite. Lab results are provided as soon as possible.

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