Alcohol Testing Etg

A number of employers have started to implement random EtG urine alcohol tests as part of their drug and alcohol screening and testing policy.  

Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is a metabolite of ethyl alcohol. Unlike the original ethyl alcohol molecule that is gone from the body within hours, the EtG metabolite remains in the system for three to four days after drinking – up to 80 hours. A negative EtG urine test provides strong documentation of an individual’s continued abstinence from alcohol.

One standard drink, in an average person, will be detectable for about 24 hours (using the lowest cutoffs of 100ng/ml for EtG and 25ng/ml for EtS) whereas urine alcohol will disappear following one drink within about 4 – 6 hours. After binge drinking EtG and/or EtS can be detected in urine for several days or more making these better markers for documenting abstinence and detecting binge drinking episodes.
  • Detects alcohol for up to 80 hours after consumption
  • Ideal for monitoring abstinence from alcohol
  • Can detect as little as one drink

How does it work?

The Test subject provides a urine specimen to a collector then the chain of custody form and specimen are shipped to the lab. The laboratory analyzes the specimen using liquid chromatography/mass spectronomy (LC/MS), a sensitive and specific laboratory technique that can conclusively identify the presence of the EtG metabolite. Lab results are provided as soon as possible.

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