Criminal reporting is limited to 7 years or less in these states, along with salary caps.

State Law Compliance on Criminal Records

NationsCheck Inc. researches as far back as possible and reports all criminal conviction information that exists in court records. However, some states have reporting requirements that limit Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) in reporting criminal convictions that occurred only within 7 years from the date of conviction, parole or release from imprisonment.

Following is a list of the states that limit reporting of criminal convictions to 7 years. If the state provides a salary level exception, the minimum salary to qualify for the exception is also noted.

Though national in scope, data provided by NationsCheck is compiled from multiple public record data sources. NationsCheck makes no claims to the completeness of its database or that data for all states or jurisdictions is included in its current product offerings.  NationsCheck takes reasonable measures to update these records as available, but as in all public records, we rely on the completeness and accuracy of each state's records.

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