Pre-Employment Screening


A significant legal issue is merging with the potential to affect all employers. Under the doctrine of negligent hiring, employers are being sued for the criminal acts of their employees arising from issues between (Employee / Customer) or (Employee / Employee)

  • Pre-employment background investigation has evolved as the pivotal factor in deciding liability.
  • Pre-employment background investigations attempt to confirm all information given by a job applicant. 
  • They are also used to uncover facts which are intentionally omitted – such
  as a criminal conviction or substance abuse problems.
  • Increasingly, companies are being sued – and found negligent – for hiring the wrong individuals.
  • Employers who fail to take action to control abusive, belligerent, or combative employees often find themselves embroiled in litigation.
  • For example, when a 27-year-old department store executive was sexually assaulted by a security guard where she worked, the woman didn’t sue the attacker – she sued her employer for hiring him. That is called negligent
 hiring and it’s becoming more popular.
  • Negligent hiring cases have created a need for employers to thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of potential employees.
  • Pre-employment background investigation is also a company’s best defense should a negligent hiring lawsuit occur. They establish, often beyond doubt, that the company acted responsibly during the hiring process,

Pre employment screening could include:
  • Criminal Court Records (Nationwide, State & Local)
  • Civil Court Records
  • Sexual Offenders Name Search
  • Pre-employment Drug Screening
  • Education Record Verification
  • Military Record Search
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search (MVR)
  • PATRIOT ACT Global Name Search
  • Bankruptcy Report
  • I-9 Verification
  • Employer Verification 
  • Employee record archivial

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