Adulterants and Drug Testing

Can Your Employees Cheat On Their Drug Tests?

Adulteration of urine specimens for detection of drug abuse. Some adulterants are very effective in the elimination of marijuana metabolites and morphine from urine specimens. However generally they do not affect amphetamines, cocaine or phencyclidine, and they are widely available for purchase over the internet, in specialty stores or in magazines.  However our methodologies can detect the use of these adulterants.  

Adulterants Currently Available

              Product                                              Ingredients

  • Clear Choice Instant Clean---------Acid/Nitrite/Fluorine
  • Urine Luck 6.5--------------------------Acid/Iodine/Fluorine
  • Bake N Shake--------------------------Sodium Persulfate
  • Zip N Flip---------------------------------Sodium Persulfate
  • Clean X-----------------------------------Nitrite
  • Urine Luck 6.3--------------------------Acid/Fluorine
  • Urine Luck 6.4 -------------------------Acid/Fluorine/Nitrite
  • D9D----------------------------------------Gluteraldehyde
  • Purafyzit Ultra Pure-------------------Chromium (VI)
  • Ultra-Klean-------------------------------Chromium (VI)
  • Whizzies----------------------------------Nitrite
  • NuKlear-----------------------------------Ethanol/Toluene/Benzaldehyde
  • Whizzer-----------------------------------Selenium-Containing Surfactant
  • Stealth-------------------------------------Peroxidase/Peroxide

Pre Packaged Urine Specimen Kits 

  • Pre-Tested and Certified Drug-Free Urine Substitution Kits
  • Kits provide samples of lyophilized (freeze-dried) REAL powdered urine in a small vial, which you may easily conceal and keep with you for random drug testing 

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