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Programs aimed at health promotion and alcohol and other drug abuse prevention in the workplace are not new. Recent legislation, however, has reinforced the importance of the workplace in combating alcohol and other drug abuse. In 1986 the President signed an Executive Order mandating that all Federal agencies be drug-free. In 1988 Congress passed the Drug-Free Workplace Act, which requires Federal grantees and recipients of Federal contracts of $25,000 or more to comply with the following:

  • The employer must have a written policy that explains what is prohibited and the consequences of violating the policy
  • Employees must read and consent to the policy as a condition of employment on the project
  • The employer must have an awareness program to educate employees about alcohol and other drug abuse and addiction, the employer's policy, and available help, counseling, and assistance
  • Employees must disclose any conviction for a drug related offense in the workplace to the employer within 5 days after such conviction
  • Employers must disclose any conviction for a drug related offense in the workplace to the Federal agency with which the employer has a grant or contract within 10 days after receiving notice from the employee or others
  • Employers must make an ongoing effort to maintain a workplace free of drugs

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