MRO Reporting

Medical Review Officer                                  

MRO qualifications require that the MRO is licensed as a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) in any one state. Board Certified Toxicologists, Pathologists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists and other relevant specialists, active in academics and clinical practice. Must have an in-depth knowledge of substances of abuse and how the body reacts. Will be able to monitoring and review of test reports with efficient management of the complex procedures required in the case of positive results. The MRO is required to attend a training course every three (3) years.

MRO's do not work for NationsCheck nor do they have a financial relationship with the company they are an independent authority.  MRO's assist in:

  • Preparation of reports for government agencies of record
  • Expert testimony when required
  • SAP [Substance Abuse Professional] referral            

Though national in scope, data provided by NationsCheck is compiled from multiple public record data sources. NationsCheck makes no claims to the completeness of its database or that data for all states or jurisdictions is included in its current product offerings.  NationsCheck takes reasonable measures to update these records as available.

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